8 helpful hints from the experts when it comes to moving

Moving can be downright difficult. No one enjoys moving and when they factor in the logistics of packing and relocating items the task at hand can seem nearly impossible. Gathering useful moving tips and information from moving specialists will help make your transition from locations much smoother.

When you are aware of your moving date it is imperative to begin searching for a moving company. When you wait until the last minute to reserve your moving date you may not be able to utilize your favorite moving company. The owner of Lift NYC Movers, Dan Heydebrand, tells people they need to immediately book their top choice of moving companies as soon as they are aware of their moving date. It is also important to research companies by the reviews that previous customers of the desired moving company. While some bad reviews are expected; the majority of the reviews should be positive. Additionally, if you are referred by a friend you should inquire about referral discounts. Many moving companies do offer loyalty discounts for repeat customers.

Many people get so caught up in the hustle of the day that they put packing off until the last minute. This often creates disorganized packing. When you are in a rush you will find random items tossed into boxes with no idea what is actually in the box. People often also leave closets until last and find them with a lot of extra work on moving day. It is important to start packing as soon as you know you are going to move. Start minimizing the clutter and packing away items that are not in use. Gradually weed out the other items that you use less frequently. If you pack a little bit each day you will not have to worry about last minute packing on moving day. Make sure you label cheap moving boxes properly so when you move you know what items are in each box. You can also label each box with the room they belong in, this will make things easier for movers. Any items that have special packaging requirements should be packed far in advance to ensure they are safely packed.

When moving make sure you check with building management if you are relocating into a condominium. Some buildings have time restrictions for tenants during moves. While you are discussing moving restrictions take this time to measure doorways, elevators and other entrance ways. This will give you an advantage on moving day to know if your items will fit. Items that do not fit can be purged along with other unnecessary items. On moving day be sure to have a friend or family member around to direct movers on where to put your items in case you end up busy. It is also wise to pack a suitcase with essentials to get you through the first few days at your new home. This way if you do not have time to fully unpack you will still be able to get by. As long as you fully prepare for your move you will have a successful and stress free relocation.


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